For many years, General Concrete has offered the best snow removal services in Surrey. The harsh winter months can leave behind tons of ice and snow that make it hard to travel safely. At our superior company, we provide snow removal, salting, and brine services that are affordable and reliable.

Snow and ice are among the most challenging conditions to drive under, which means you are at high risk for danger. It is not always enough to practice smart and defensive driving techniques when harsh winter storms strike the area.

At General Concrete, we offer unique snow removal and ice control services in Surrey when you need them. We use a wide variety of equipment and tools, such as plows and tractors. When minor winter storms hit Surrey, our company uses four-wheel-drive vehicles that are compact but still strong enough to handle tough jobs.

Surrey Snow Removal Services and Snow Plowing in Maple Ridge

When supermarkets and retail stores need their parking lots cleared of snow and ice, they give us a call. We use medium-sized plows attached to small trucks or tractors to remove snow and ice without leaving behind a mess. Pushing snow to one side of a parking lot is not considered as good service from our company.

Apartment complexes and residential building communities prefer our services because we thoroughly clean the sidewalks and passageways. Safety is an important factor when the cold months move in for the season. While we do offer salting services at General Concrete, we highly urge our customers to consider the brine services we offer. Brine is made with water and salt combined, which works quicker than traditional rock salt alone.

Effectively Maintaining Safety During Winter Storms and Ice

Winter storms can hit fast and hard, but that is not a problem for our team of professionals. We use state of the art equipment to release brine upon roads, driveways, and parking lots. The trucks slowly release the brine at an even rate to prevent slick spots from forming in hidden areas. Even black ice can be addressed with the brine techniques we utilize at General Concrete.

Our trucks are operated by expert professionals who are fully licensed and insured. You don’t have to worry about the safety or integrity of your property when you work with us. Our anti-ice trucks release a predetermined amount of brine upon surfaces with thick layers of ice or snow. Leaving slick spots on sidewalks and roadways can leave you at risk for lawsuits or legal action if an accident takes place.

Free Quote for Snow and Ice Removal in Surrey

There are a million and one reasons why you should turn to us at General Concrete for the best snow removal services in Surrey. If you are ready to ask questions or want to seek a free quote, you shouldn’t wait to give our support staff a call. Your free quote is waiting for you, so call us at 604-332-1204 to explore your service options. You might find that we can help you with much more than snow removal.

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