Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete floor coatings are usually installed in industrial settings, such as on factory floors, warehouse floors, machine shop floors, and food processing floors. However, some commercial spaces may require both commercial and industrial applications. For example, a store like Walmart’s might use an industrial floor coating in the back of the store, where they warehouse all of the excess inventory, while in the front of the store, a commercial-grade epoxy would be used.

While different grades of epoxies are used for commercial, industrial, and residential floors, all floors are treated for the same purposes, ultimately. While there are many benefits of applying an epoxy coating to your floor, in a nutshell, it is done to protect and preserve the life of the floor.

Why Concrete Floors Need to be Protected

Concrete floor coatings go a long way, as concrete floors tend to receive the most of abuse. Concrete floors usually see heavy foot and forklift traffic, in addition to holding massive amounts of weight. Whether it’s a warehouse with pallets stacked to the ceiling with heavy goods or a food processing/packaging facility, a concrete floor in the commercial or industrial sector endures a lot of rapid wear and tear that most floors aren’t exposed to.

Sealing Your Concrete Floor Promotes Safety and Sanitation

In medical and food settings, concrete floors are often used because of strict laws and regulations concern sanitation. Still, these floors can become stained, chipped, or cracked just as fast as any other setting. In such environments, a concrete floor coating will not only protect and extend the life of your floor, but it will also contribute to greater hygiene and cleanliness, discouraging bacterial growth, contamination, and the spread of germs.

A Floor Coating Will Waterproof the Surface

Concrete is a very porous surface, meaning that a concrete floor will absorb water readily, which leads to decay. In any setting where lots of water and or chemical substances are coming into contact with the floor, an epoxy coating is highly recommended. Epoxy coatings will waterproof your concrete floor, in addition to keeping clean, sanitary, and protected.

Make Any Concrete Floor Beautiful with an Epoxy Coating

So far, we have only discussed some of the most practical reasons why concrete floor coating is smart and practical. Yet, one of the things that people love about floor coatings from Southern Floor Coatings is that they are beautiful. Even a basic, standard floor coating will make your concrete surface look shinier, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we can make a coating decorative with lots of different additives that can give your floor coating color, make it sparkle, etc.

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Further, all floor coatings can be made slip-resistant. That means a floor coating from Southern Floor Coatings can protect your floor, make it last many years longer, make it look beautiful, waterproof it, and make it safer for everyone who walks and works on it.

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