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At Built Contracting, we value long-term relationships and our integrity separates us from the rest. Whether you are a regular on-site presence, or staying informed remotely, rest assured, our staff and management team will follow industry standards or better in an environmentally friendly manner. When you hire Built Contracting, you can expect honesty and good character from our entire team.


We take pride in our work and in it shows in what we do. When you measure our standards against the industry, we simply deliver more. Whether this is from our quality craftsmanship or taking the time plan things our properly, when you hire Built Contracting for your next project, you can expect a level of quality that we are proud of. We want your new facility to exceed your expectations and our craftsmanship is how we deliver.


We work with you, within your budget to deliver a quality project that will last. We also take our deadlines and productivity very seriously. Our team of skilled workers take pride in their work and it shows on the job site and in the finished product. When you are ready to have a project built right, the first time, then hire Built Contracting and get #builtbybuilt.


Safety at Built Contracting is built into our culture. We have daily tailgate meetings to plan safe work operations and wear personal protective equipment ( PPE ) to whatever specifics your site requires. We have experience in remote locations and all of our staff participate in an orientation with the emergency response plan and operating procedures of any site they are on. We are happy to adapt to your safety requirements provided they meet Workers Compensation Board standards or better and allow us to complete your project safely and effectively.


Built Contracting works closely within environmentally sensitive areas. Our projects have been completed on important lands rich with history and culture. We take pride in doing our very best to reduce the impact our operation has on communities, families and the environment. If you are looking to plan a project in an environmentally conscious area or have sensitive cultural requirements that need to be a part of your building project, then hire Built Contracting and we will accommodate to the best of our ability.